Trade Promotion

Trade Promotion

Every year more than fifty companies work with us to research Exporting to UK & Ireland for their products and services. Whether selling direct to customers or identifying the correct importers or distributors, we have their back and walk with them through the process. We are constantly growing our network of partners and industry-specific experts, let us be your cheat-code to export success.

Product & Market Research

ExportExplore can work with companies to understand their potential within their target market, supported by the data they need to make decisions.

Distributor & Partner Search

It is vital to identify the ideal potential partners, distributors, customers or influencers within the marketplace. ExportExplore can deliver that insight.

Events & Conferences

Make the most of your investment in conferences and trade shows happening in the UK & Ireland. Allow ExportExplore to support your schedule and event planning.

Trade Development Support for Small Businesses: Unlock Your Global Potential

ExportExplore is dedicated to providing comprehensive trade development support tailored to the unique needs of small businesses. Our mission is to empower companies like yours to explore and excel in the global marketplace by offering a wide range of services, including organising trade missions, civic visits, and trade shows.

Our team of experienced trade professionals collaborates with you to identify your business objectives and develop customised strategies to achieve them. Our trade development support services for small businesses include:

  1. Trade Missions: We organise targeted trade missions, connecting you with potential buyers, partners, and industry experts in your chosen markets. These missions provide valuable networking opportunities, market insights, and business-to-business meetings to help you establish a foothold in new markets.

  2. Civic Visits: We arrange civic visits, facilitating introductions to key stakeholders, government officials, and industry leaders in target countries. These visits provide an opportunity to establish relationships, gain firsthand knowledge of local business practices, and explore potential collaborations.

  3. Trade Shows and Exhibitions: We help you showcase your products and services at leading international trade shows and exhibitions, raising brand awareness and generating leads. Our team assists with booth design, logistics, and on-site support to ensure a successful event.

  4. Market Research and Analysis: We conduct in-depth research to identify promising markets for your products and services, offering insights into market size, consumer preferences, competition, and potential barriers to entry.

  5. Export Strategy and Planning: We work with you to develop a comprehensive export plan that outlines your goals, target markets, distribution channels, pricing strategies, and marketing approach.

  6. Training and Capacity Building: Our trade development support includes training and resources to build your team’s skills and expertise in international trade, ensuring long-term success and sustainability.

Partner with ExportExplore to unlock your small business’s full potential in the global marketplace. Contact us today to learn more about our tailored trade development support services.

Common Enquiries

Trade promotion can be delivered on a B2B basis, or as part of a trade mission, civic delegation or trade show. We love to help SMEs make that next large step and often receive questions about the following areas:

New exporters need assistance in conducting thorough market research to identify potential markets for their products or services. This includes assessing market size, competition, consumer preferences, and potential barriers to entry. Support is also needed in prioritising target markets based on potential returns and alignment with the company’s goals and capabilities.

Companies require guidance in developing a comprehensive export plan that outlines their objectives, strategies, and resources needed to achieve their goals. This includes identifying target customers, selecting appropriate distribution channels, setting pricing strategies, and developing marketing and promotional campaigns tailored to each target market.

Exporters need support in understanding and complying with international trade regulations, including customs procedures, tariffs, quotas, and import/export licensing requirements. They also need assistance in preparing accurate and complete documentation, such as commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, and bills of lading, to ensure smooth customs clearance and prevent delays or penalties.

New exporters require help in organizing and managing the transportation of their goods, including selecting the most suitable mode of transport, negotiating freight rates, and ensuring compliance with shipping regulations. They also need support in optimising their supply chain to minimise costs and improve efficiency, which may involve working with freight forwarders, customs brokers, and other logistics service providers.

Companies need guidance in managing the financial aspects of exporting, including selecting appropriate payment methods, managing currency risks, and securing trade finance options. They also require support in understanding and mitigating potential risks associated with international trade, such as political, economic, and legal risks.

*Please note that ExportExplore only delivers projects in subject areas that we have expertise and experience, however we do deliver wider projects from a project management perspective and engage subject matter experts. 

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