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Marketing to an international audience comes with an array of challenges. To target the correct clients and boost inward investment, you need thorough research, a thought-out strategy, and most importantly a clear message.

Your copy and content should lure potential clients, attract them like a magnet and persuade them to choose your service or product.

Powerful copy starts with a compelling story, but how do you tell yours?

It’s tough being a government agency; you have a lot to achieve and fewer resources to do it. We want to make your life easier by supporting you to prioritise active buyers over passive contacts.

If your sales team is internal or outsourced, we offer the perfect companion content-driven, inbound lead generation service to hook those ideal clients.

Trade Development supports indigenous companies to expand into new markets and is vitally important to long-term economic development; ExportExplore offers several services from Market Research to Trade Missions to develop this capability.

Coaching is confidential, one-to-one conversations with a trusted individual.

Exchanges focused on knowledge, skills and work performance. Coaching offers a personalised approach to meeting today’s challenges and gives you time and space to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Coaching is an essential tool in supporting economic developers to achieve their personal and organisational goals.

Developing an effective Foreign Direct Investment process will make or break a target year for economic development professionals working within agencies and attempting to attract jobs from international markets.

We can assist in the step-by-step development and execution of that strategy from lead generation to deal completion.

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Most development companies out there are doing little more than researching long lists of contacts to reach out by phone or email to ask for meetings. The truth is that anyone can write a letter. It's not dynamic. At ExportExplore, we capitalize on the receptivity-inducing strengths of great content, personalized content and conversion-producing calls to action to provide organizations with solid ROI. We allow our clients to use digital delivery to serve messages instead of solicitations.

One of the biggest problems we're combating is the outreach fatigue that causes so many campaigns to be ignored. Our robust, tailorable campaigns integrate content marketing, digital training, web design, web development, social media and search engine optimization (SEO) to help your enterprise get results organically. Using our methods, agencies can cultivate organic relationships instead of relying on the unsustainable "cold call" dynamic that most high-cost, impressively worded strategies offered by economic development firms boil down to once you really pick them apart.

While we've leaped forward to grow engagement in the digital space, ExportExplore still adheres to the traditional standards of communication and reciprocity that have been established in the Business2Government sector. Our approach refines and raises the delivery of communication to boost visibility and engagement. For our clients, that means enjoying all of the benefits of the traditional channels of dialogue with faster, more direct delivery with help from technology.

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Foreign Direct Investment
Economic Development Performance Coaching
Economic Development Performance Coaching
Economic Development Performance Coaching
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