The 5 Deadly Sins of CRM

In what has been a great week, we picked up a new client and we had some brilliant conversations with our network. One of those conversations made me think of what the DEADLY SINS of CRM might be – why when our clients spend money on out-of-the-box solutions does it make so little difference. The devil is in the details!

A company’s contact book is one of the most valuable resources of a growing business. With prospects waiting to be identified and converted into opportunities, along with existing clients who provide reliable repeat business, your sales pipeline is at the heart of your company’s success.

In our experience, many growing companies have no official, reliable Client Relationship Management (CRM) platform or they have the wrong system implemented to suit their business needs. Without an effective process in place, it can become very difficult to convert and monitor potential opportunities. In other words, The CRM becomes useless, or worse, a burden.

In our experience, the 5 deadly sins for CRM that we encounter with 90% of our clients are:

  1. Out of the box use, leads to poor implementation across the business.
  2. Not considering your processes, leads to an impotent system that will not support your sales and marketing activity.
  3. They are not policed to ensure quality data going in (and coming out).
  4. Processes and data input policies are not created and followed to ensure quality.
  5. Reporting does not match managerial outputs, and the information is not linked to strategic sales and marketing goals.

No system is perfect. Salesforce, Insightly, Hubspot amongst many others offer fantastic features, however, the benefits that your company requires are unique, making choice and practical implementation a hugely critical issue. A good CRM tool enables true customer management by not only making it easier for you to connect with your clients but also helps you do business with them in supporting you to deliver your product or services efficiently with scalable functionality, which any fast-growing enterprise needs.

If you are in a situation where you are debating your CRM needs or your team are concerned that they are not seeing any benefit, then at least one issue from this list needs to be addressed.

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