Launching Matt D’arcy’s Irish Whiskey In The USA

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Matt D’Arcy’s is a new Irish Whiskey brand, established from Newry, Co. Down with an aspiration to bring back to life a distillery and brand which last traded in 1815. Success will not only be dependent on people buying into the story but finding a way to make initial sales at scale in a safe and low-risk manner.

In 2018 Matt D’Arcy engaged Declan to identify the best strategy for securing sales in the USA to add an alternative source of revenue from Irish and broader GB sales as a new brand.

Declan took the lead in identifying the trends in the US drinks industry and mapping the regions where Without this the potential for sales existed, recommending entering the market via “controlled” States, where the government is the only licensed importer of Alcohol.

Declan managed the initial introductions to key stakeholders within target states, particularly at the liquor control agencies and from these relationships worked with Matt D’Arcy to understand processes, packaging requirements, demand levels for variations of their product.

In March 2020, before having secured distribution in Ireland, Declan had obtained a presentation to the Liquor Control Board and provisional listing indicated, it is expected that a purchase order six figures will be achieved.


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