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Working with Core Impact to welcome your team back to the workplace

Posted by dbexportexplore on  August 7, 2020

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Over the last few weeks, in our spare moments, we worked with JP and Sean from Core Impact to put together a document that looked to learn from the past, to support managers and leaders of organisations of all sizes today as they work to bring their teams back to work. You can view our YouTube interview discussing the document by clicking the video, or download the whitepaper by clicking HERE.

Partnership: Best of Belfast Podcast

Posted by dbexportexplore on  May 18, 2020

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Matthew Thompson, putting the spotlight on Irish talent. “Honest conversations change lives. They make us feel seen, reveal that everyone in life battles demons and prove we’re not alone. They inspire us to pursue our passions, empower us to take the next step, and reveal how to slay the dragons along the way. Podcasting is the ultimate storytelling medium on the planet. There’s an intimacy with audio that the written word and screen cannot recreate.
Declan Barry, Geroid Adams, ExportExplore

Supporting Rathmore Grammar School, Soccer

Posted by dbexportexplore on  May 14, 2020

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Declan Barry Presenting new Jerseys to Geroid Adams, Rathmore Grammar School ExportExplore is committed to community development and giving back to create a great environment for young people to meet their full potential. As a result when the opportunity arrived to support the Rathmore Grammar School, Soccer teams, we jumped at it.
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We are very grateful to our friends and partners at Global Delaware for the opportunity to present to key companies and stakeholders an overview of the economic situation and the key opportunities existing in the Irish and UK marketplaces.
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We are delighted to lend our support to NOW Group, in these times where we are planning for seeing friends, partners and colleagues weeks and months into the future – why not show your appreciation and support a great cause by visiting their company Loaf Catering. When you buy from Loaf you purchase with a purpose and supporting the services that NOW Group provides. They are passionate about supporting people with learning difficulties and autism