Inward Investment Marketing:
Digital Lead Generation

You waste the majority of sales effort on people who aren't interested in buying. Let's change that!

Typically when an economic development agency is crafting its FDI campaign, you work from the inside out, painstakingly creating materials selling your best features like your young workforce, sparkling creative scene, and that tried and tested industrial cluster.

We believe that you should look at it from the client perspective and get to know who your target is, what they want to know and create content specifically to entice them.

We employ detailed buyer personas based on characteristics such as:

  • Economic Factors
  • Segmentation
  • Timeframe/Urgency
  • Geography/Demographics
  • Legal Requirements

These personas allow us to create bespoke content to serve each prospect throughout their buyers journey with your agency.

We also enjoy excellent working relationships with most of the world's leading FDI consultancies and advisory organisations, meaning that we can work alongside others who have "feet on the ground globally" to optimise your results.

Let's work together to generate inbound opportunities based on giving the client what they want, rather than the same messages that every other agency promote.