About ExportExplore

About ExportExplore

ExportExplore has been created following a decade of export development projects, working internationally with government agencies of all sizes and budgets. Following a realisation that the same core challenges are being presented to agencies across the globe.

ExportExplore aims to develop simple, but highly effective programmes that create networks, build confidence and grow capability among SMEs, as well as delivering real, commercial results that can be measured in dollars and cents. These results can also be extended to the private sector, working to support the design and building of high performing sales teams.

ExportExplore was established by Declan Barry following a decade of experience in various roles within the economic development industry, with experience working in North America, Europe and Asia


Embracing and utilising digital technology to implement sustainable programs for businesses that improve access to opportunity, and growth, regardless of the background and privilege of origin.


To develop, support, and guide small business to maximise big opportunities that exist internationally. In summary, ExportExplore wants to be the catalyst that drives real people to real success in their world, and within their resource capability.


  • Embrace Responsibility with Courage
  • Show that the world is small, and opportunity is big
  • Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded
  • Pursue Growth and Learning
  • Do More with Less