Gigantic Goals for 2020: What Really Matters?

What are your goals for 2020?

It is that time of year where we reflect on what has happened over the last twelve months and look ahead to what we can do differently in the upcoming year. In 2018 I suffered loss, carried stress and took myself all too seriously. I had joy in the arrival of a new baby and leaving a good job to take the risk of betting on myself. 2019 brings with it RESPONSIBILITY, not stress, pressure or burden – but a responsibility that I carry for myself, my clients and those who are closest to me – that is entirely positive.

So when I sat down in that weird couple of days between boxing day and new year and sketched out my priorities and how I was going to make this year a success, it boiled down to a few key things which I thought there would be value in sharing.

  1. I need to work bloody hard, and I don’t mean the blind work ethic you hear about from motivational “guru’s” and salespeople about how it will all be better if you just work harder; I mean a focused determined effort against a considered strategy.
  2. Be super clear on my market and listen, taking the time to know what problem I am solving rather than what solution I want to “sell”. I may have to change my product or service to cater to that, but I have to be tuned in.
  3. Network at the right experience level. This isn’t meant to sound harsh but if I am doing consulting work internationally need to build a network that fits that profile. I need to identify people who can make the difference and go that little bit further to share their time.
  4. Do more team learning. I don’t enjoy the 2am YouTube binges learning new photoshopping skills, or google certifications as I did in the corporate world I need to map out a learning plan for myself and find a time and place to learn the skills in a supportive and encouraging group.
  5. Focus on why in the name of god I did this in the first place. Everything I do is shaping the life and lifestyle that I wanted, so I need to calibrate the work and responsibilities to that. I have my vision, that is what I shouldn’t lose.

I Hope that this was a useful brain dump, but as I travel along this journey – I hope to stop once a quarter and just assess where I am and what I have learned.

Many thanks


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