How can you put a value on a Derry Girl?

When Lisa McGee wrote the show and submitted it for a commission, it is hard to imagine the impact and popularity that has come from the trials and tribulations of teenagers from Northern Ireland.

Derry Girls, Channel 4

Aside from nostalgia (my own included, as they are more or less bang on the same age as myself and my wife at the time being portrayed), there have been considerable investments made around this show in terms of tourism spend (@Trivago) and the further spotlight being placed on the creative talent available in the region via Channel 4, and Netflix internationally.

According to Visit Derry “We’ve been to Liverpool, Glasgow and Dublin and certainly the main talking point (in those cities) is Derry Girls.

“It has created a bit of a storm and people are talking the city up. We’ll see how that impacts and converts into overnight stays.”

Similarly to the post, I wrote earlier in the year around the tangible impacts of the creative industry resulting from Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland, it will be interesting to see if Derry Girls can deliver the same results.

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