Investment Promotion and Storytelling

Foreign Direct Investment Made Human.

Export Explore finds the right investors to create new business opportunities in your community, resulting in reduced unemployment, new jobs, and higher salaries. Our focus on bringing together Investment Promotion and Storytelling makes the difference for locations who are competing for business.

Storytelling and Proposition Development

In 2022, the decision-making landscape for organisations of all sizes is completely different than it was prior to the pandemic, with the most innovative and progressive businesses exploring new ways of working and talent being placed at the centre of corporate decision-making.


This creates an opportunity for locations and communities that previously lacked commercial scale but are rich in social values and lifestyle and offer the best opportunities to raise a family for workers and the wider business community.


We will always factor in the practical elements of a business decision. Still, it is essential to deploy Investment Promotion and Storytelling together to appeal to human, organic elements, which will allow more remote communities to compete with the most prominent cities for inward investment opportunities.

FDI Lead Generation and Representation

ExportExplore provides market leading FDI lead generation services for agencies who are trying to create a reputation as a noted location for specific industries. Built upon experience, market knowledge and a process which delivers results – we can work with our clients to identify their strongest possible proposition and targeting a campaign which maximises the chances of success.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Community growth is at the heart of what we do. Entrepreneurs create businesses, and businesses create jobs. Talk to use about our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem development profile for populations of 50,000-1,000,000 people.

Investor Management and Retention

You have done the hard work of securing a new client, opening their office and creating jobs and investment. It is essential to support their enterprise to protect those jobs and win opportunities in the future. We would also like to introduce our partners at TalentSensus, who can offer a data-led approach to understanding your workforce challenges and capabilities. 

Investment Promotion and Storytelling with the support of ExportExplore

Let us help you fill those gaps in your community!