Foreign Direct Investment & Proposition Development

Foreign Direct Investment Made Easy

Export Explore finds the right investors to create new business opportunities in your community, resulting in reduced employment, new jobs, and higher salaries. Our partnership with TalentSensus allows us to identify and match the skills of your community with the right opportunities.

Has unemployment ravaged your community? With the ongoing pandemic, local companies have been forced to close, leaving a record number of people unemployed. Now more than ever, getting people in your community back to work is vital. The problem is finding new employers that match the skills of your community members. The good news is that the talents of your community can be very attractive to employers in other parts of the world.

If you are a state or city official interested in creating new jobs and economic growth in your community, foreign direct investment (FDI) might just be the perfect solution. Export Explore can help you obtain inward investment based on skills in your area by identifying employers looking to invest in your community.

How do we deliver FDI?

We have partnered with TalentSensus to pinpoint precisely what kinds of skills are available in your community. TalentSensus is a leader in identifying hidden talents and skills in individuals and matching these with employers in need of those skills. Once TalentSensus has completed this step in the process, we go to work!

We employ a six-month targeting project to attract companies that might be interested in investing in your community. This process involves:

  • Identifying Investors. Our expertise allows us to identify the right foreign investors for your community.
  • Establishing Contact. Once we have selected potential investors, we go to work on establishing contact.
  • Nurturing a Partnership. Our partnership doesn’t end with the identification of investors. We facilitate a partnership between foreign companies and your community leaders.
We use a custom funnel model to ensure that the FDI process is carefully managed through the various buyer stages your client will be moving through. 

Where do we find investors?

We focus on companies in North America and Europe. Ready to drive economic growth in your community? Reach out today!

Let us help you fill those gaps in your community!