Exporting to the UK and Ireland

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Every year more than fifty companies work with us to research new markets for their products and services. Either selling direct to customers or identifying the correct importers or distributors, we have their back and walk with them through the process. We are constantly growing our network of partners and industry-specific experts, let us be your cheat-code to export success.

Just like your domestic sales and marketing plan, preparation for export must include a detailed outline plan including:

  • Customer research, including segments and personas
  • Brand Positioning, showing a clear understanding of competition and where you intend to compete
  • Expected Sales, based on competition data and broader market research
  • Price Point, built upon your consumer research and brand position
  • Product Portfolio, chosen and prioritised by market demand 

It is vital to know in advance where you expect customers to purchase your product, your approach, and the activity you deploy will depend on your choice of a channel; these might include:

  • Retail outlets
  • Wholesale suppliers
  • Food distribution services
  • Online platforms

Full Disclosure: The professional services involved in the exporting process is vital to their success. It cannot be serviced under one roof when considering specialisms such as labelling, logistics (inbound and outbound), taxes, duties, and managing your exchange rate. To service our clients, ExportExplore works with our established network of partners to ensure that guidance in this area is current and of the highest possible quality. To learn more about our partners, visit our partners’ page.

The most critical decision in the export process is signing off on the product’s import method and distribution route. We can work with you to identify the pros and cons, coming to the correct conclusion for your unique business case. Your options include:

  • Agent
  • Distributor
  • Importer
  • Direct sales from abroad
  • UK sales agent

We don’t believe in one-hit wonders, and the customers or partners we may connect you to will value your energy and commitment to the new market; as such, we can support you to up your marketing game in the territory. 

  • Industry-Specific Public Relations
  • Trade shows and industry events
  • Market research
  • Web optimisation and social media strategy

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