Economic Development Performance Coaching

Economic Development Performance Coaching will allow your teams to deliver to the best of their ability and love the process of doing so.

Should you work in the economic development industry or are an international exporter, the economic development and global sales worlds are getting more competitive when our salespeople need to achieve more with less. 

You can prepare a team for success with dedicated Economic Development Performance Coaching. Our Economic Development Performance Coaching framework centres around what we believe to be the fundamental values of sales for all levels of sales professionals:

  1. Mentality
  2. Technique
  3. Creativity
  4. Activity

Our team has undergone ICF accreditation, so clients can be assured that we work to the highest standards in terms of training, ethics, and industry knowledge. All sessions are private and confidential, and we operate in short sprints of 6-week projects to ensure that engagements are focused on outputs with very defined goals.   

Whom is Economic Development Performance Coaching for?

Our coaching programme is beneficial for anyone working in the economic development industry who works within a targeted environment and has to deal with and provide solutions to the private sector for commercial growth. On most occasions, our teams have all of the knowledge and experience for success. However, external factors, doubts, or workloads block them from performing at their best. 


Making this investment in your team will send a clear signal that you care about all elements of their professional development, you are eager for them to succeed in their role and support them in managing the physical and mental challenges of the role. This investment delivers stability, team spirit and long-term improvements to business culture and relationships. 

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