Trade Development and Missions

Investment in your performance could be your most valuable investment.

Working in international trade and investment is tricky, travelling on your own, carrying targets, managing complicated deals involving multiple stakeholders – it’s essential to be at your best and FEEL like you add value to your clients. 

As an International Coaching Federation (ICF) approved coach, the programme is executed with the economic development community in mind, aimed at individual development in areas as diverse as business development, leadership, team management, career planning. 

What’s in it for you?

  • Self-awareness, self-observation and self-correction of leadership behaviour on a sustainable basis
  • Improved leadership, teamwork and management
  • Improved executive impact, influence and performance
  • Better interpersonal skills and relationships
  • Increased flexibility in managing change environments and handling conflict and stress
  • Identifying solutions to specific work-related challenges

How does your organisation benefit?

  • Retain and engage talent in business leadership
  • Increase creativity in business and strategic planning
  • Develop more significant commitment from Directors and Senior Managers, with an improved team and staff management

Let's talk about how we can add value in this area and i can't wait to support you in achieving your goals.