DIT launches a new training programme for trade policy and promotion experts

I am sharing this via the email update this morning from the Institute of Export and International Trade:

Dr Liam Fox
DIT launches new training programme for trade policy and promotion experts.

A new international trade training scheme was launched last week, designed to grow the UK’s talent pool of future negotiators, policymakers and Trade Commissioners. With the UK looking to forge an independent trade policy for the first time in decades after Brexit, the country will need more people who understand how global trade works and appreciate the complex art of trade deal negotiations.

The two-year programme is aimed at people of all ages and experience levels and includes international placements at one of the DIT’s 127 locations. It will pay an annual salary of up to £30,109 and will also include placements with negotiating teams already working on future agreements including the USA and Australia.

Candidates are not required to have a degree or previous experience in government.

Applications close on 4 August. Visit readytotrade.co.uk to find out more and apply.

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