Brexit… what on earth has been going on?

I have been asked by a few people to write a blog on Brexit as my first “work-related” topic for this website. I was trying to avoid it as it has become the black hole into which all reason and common sense vanishes, and a terrifying place where right-wing lunatics are seen as guiding lights (Yes, I am talking about the DUP).

However, given the ridiculous goings on of the last few days I can’t fail to dip my toe in the water – so here it goes, and I will set the tone with the floppy-haired Worzel Gummidge impersonator Boris Johnson who said “F*ck Business”. The politicians have been let off the leash and unfortunately, it is you and I, the value creators, employers and employees who are going to suffer on the whim of the tweed-laden politicos (again… sigh).

So what exactly happened in the last couple of days? The BBC have hours of guff to fill and will make this seem very complex however I will endeavour to have a bash in a couple of lines:

A group of people (England, frankly) who didn’t know what they wanted in the first place, were offered terms by a much larger group (Europe) who also didn’t know what the first party wanted and remarkably the outcome has been a proposed deal which nobody appears to want. Go figure.

What happens next? Probably a second referendum which would likely result in the decision not to leave the EU at all, however, the damage done to this point, or in the event of a “no-deal Brexit” will likely lead groups in Scotland and Northern Ireland to have a go at independence. So, we have that to look forward to as well.

I will, of course, take other topics much more seriously, however the real moral of the story is that we all knew this deal would be voted down weeks ago, and we also knew a vote of no-confidence would happen and that the government would survive – the messing around and wasting of time when we really don’t have it is alarming and irresponsible.

Progress is required, not posturing and stagecraft – we have the WWE for that, and that is plenty.

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