#Brexit means…. get out and sell

For the majority of businesses and salespeople the residency of Number 10, and the status of GB and NI in the European Union are largely out of our control, but we still have to grow our businesses, complete deals and reduce our level of risk and cost.

The biggest risk in this environment is to do nothing, your competition will be agile and like the companies travelling to Paris last week, they will make themselves known as irreplaceable and be aggressive in growing their business in any economic circumstances.

Widen your view, reduce your risk exposure. We have been working with our clients using our research teams and business analysts to look into new markets, in particular export opportunities in North America, India and China – this process takes time and resources, however we now have the motivation to try new markets and to grow our sales.

Account manage better, make yourself indispensable. For those clients you feel may be sensitive to Brexit or currency fluctuations we have been working with clients using technology, and old fashioned soft skills training to revitalise their approach to customer service and account management. Our clients are fast becoming indispensable partners to their clients.

Don’t wait on the impact, get out and sell. Whatever you do, please do not succumb to the notion that this will be “business as usual”. On a weekly basis we are seeing that the salespeople and businesses that adapt and get on the front foot are getting results and will ultimately emerge stronger.

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