Better to have a hole in the team, than an A**hole in the team – Recruit for Attitude!

I have been asked to support a client in building a new sales team, from managers/ supervisors through to sales agents, making sure that they have the right kind of resource in place with the appropriate style for their product and service.

I always talk about attitude and making sure that whatever team is created, they are happy, have the right metrics in place and work in an atmosphere that inspires them to operate at their best.

A large part of that is personalities in the team and managerial style – the quote in the title I stole many years ago from the AllBlacks Rugby team, who made it even more concise, merely saying “No D**ks”.

In researching content for the training element of this project I came across the following podcast from Adam Grant (@AdamMGrant), whose podcast “Work Life” has been an invaluable resource for me since starting my own business last year.

The podcast entitled “The Office without A**holes” gives a great view of how negative behaviour might get short term results but kills your business in the long grass, and it is so important to deal with negative influences as soon as possible.

You can listen to it HERE, and I hope you find it as useful as I did.

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