About Us

About Us

Who We Are

ExportExplore employs technology-enabled methodologies for inbound marketing and lead generation to give your organisation more measurable results and transparent accountability with reduced costs. We're guided by the principles of transparency, attributability and client-centred business.


We value transparency because we're proud to show you the work done on behalf of your brand. In our decades of experience, we've also found that transparency simply leads to better results because we can make our clients part of strategy generation and revisions.


We also provide quantifiable results. When you work with ExportExplore, our digital-led processes are easily monitored. That means you're seeing quantified, scaled results that allow you to view progress without the need to be charged for extra reports and insights.

Client-Centred Business

Our number one goal is to obtain results for our clients. We always ask ourselves "will this benefit our clients?" This question is at the core of everything that we do.

About Us

Where we came from

ExportExplore was founded by Declan Barry in 2018. As CEO, Declan plays a crucial role in constantly innovating how we serve our clients while also getting personally involved in developing the personalized blueprints we design for them. After 15 years of working in government agencies and large global consulting firms, it became clear to Declan that economic development firms were relying on old-guard outreach methods that were being overlooked and ignored by recipients because they were just “noise.” Inspired to integrate the traditional methodologies of promoting economic development with the digital environment, he formed ExportExplore as a modern, tech-focused creative economic development agency.

Being involved in the economic development industry since 2007 allowed Declan to see precisely how changing economic landscapes demand updated, innovative outreach initiatives that steer perception using relevant, engagement-promoting content. During his career, he served in leadership roles that closed more than 10,000 new jobs, generated more than £300m in trade deals and developed networks all over the United States and Europe.

Declan brings economic development experience in the aerospace, automotive, financial services, legal, technology and pharmaceutical sectors to his role at the helm of ExportExplore. Adept at understanding both global and hyperlocal markets, he served as a European representative for regions that included Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Arizona, Oklahoma, Virginia, South Dakota, Delaware and New Jersey during his time as a leadership figure at a UK-based economic development agency. He holds full membership in the Institute of Directors, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Institute of Export and International Trade and the Institute of Sales Management.

We Strive For

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To support economic development organizations in embracing digital transformation, especially in the business development and decision-making processes.

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