Who comes first in your proposition? What they need or what you want to say?


If your business is investment promotion, trade development or any level of sales, from what perspective does your proposition get built? You hired a consultant (thank you, if that was me) to tell you the trends in your ideal industries and what companies have done to mitigate and prepare for the future – with that information, you will put your best foot forward to sell your proposition to them.

Talent, Great Weather, Great Education, Energy Costs, Tax Deals, Property Deals all wrapped up in a glossy brochure and a smile – you are in the battle with everyone else. 

So What?

The challenge, particularly in the economic development industry, is that while we base so much strategy on historical data, industry trends and the views of influencers. We are not challenging the value of these sources. However, we encourage our clients to pay attention to the impact of tracking live events, big data and social media at the micro-level in your industry, specifically regarding building your proposition.  

We want our clients to have the extra edge when pitching to prospects in any industry. They should look more informed, educated, and ready to deliver real value to the end customer in an expansion deal, securing new investment, or supporting a local company to get that first big export deal.

The difference is in the micro-level details of knowing what keeps that C-Level prospect awake at night and in what order of concern? For example, If you are a location or community that wants to establish a reputation for being the central location in your region for logistics. We must create our entire proposition as if it is a gift to be given to the long-suffering logistics COO. 

Data tells us that the top issues within the logistics industry for companies in expanding their businesses and in the current climate, surviving are:

  1. Availability of Labour
  2. Capacity
  3. Network Connectivity
  4. ESG issues

This list should provide us with the template for your proposition, which presents the prospect with exactly how your region can solve their problems and provide the stable foundations to grow. 

My Point?

You get one chance at a first impression, and we live in an era when we are being asked to do more with less. We have to improve our hit rate and make sure that we use our opportunity to the fullest. 

Declan J Barry

Declan J Barry

BSc, MSc, CIM, IoD, MIEx
Declan has been developing and successfully executing strategy in the Economic Development sector for more than 15 years, working with global industries such as Aerospace, Financial Services, Pharma and Shared Services, promoting more than 10,000 jobs over the last decade. Since founding ExportExplore in 2018, he has worked with more than 150 companies operating across the Atlantic Ocean and introducing sales of over $25mUSD in that short period.

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