ExportExplore Upping its game by hooking up with IEDC


As our business has developed since forming in 2018, we have been eager to partner with institutions and organisations which can ensure that we continue to get better at what we do and develop our network at the same time with key influencers.

As such, we are delighted to have invested in joining the International Economic Development Council based out of Washington DC. We intend to be a more proactive member of the economic development community and share our innovations with a broader audience.

Managing Director Declan Barry stated, “I’ve been attending events organised by IEDC since the ’00s and am always impressed by the talent levels attending from the public and private sector organisations. he continued “If our vision as a business is to be an innovator and a leader, we have to be around the same table as the recognised thought leaders.

Declan J Barry

Declan J Barry

BSc, MSc, CIM, IoD, MIEx
Declan has been developing and successfully executing strategy in the Economic Development sector for more than 15 years, working with global industries such as Aerospace, Financial Services, Pharma and Shared Services, promoting more than 10,000 jobs over the last decade. Since founding ExportExplore in 2018, he has worked with more than 150 companies operating across the Atlantic Ocean and introducing sales of over $25mUSD in that short period.

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