ExportExplore travels to Kings Landing for development!


Sometimes in Economic development, our job is quite cool, no more so than getting the opportunity to have a walk-around the now-closed set of HBO blockbuster Game of Thrones.

Full Disclosure: The set is built in my home time of Belfast, however when you are there, the scale and quality of the build immerse you in the experience and one can be forgiven for keeping an eye out for the dreaded white walkers!

We can’t go into the details of the project at this point, we just wanted to share the amazing images and this opportunity to showcase the creative and film industry which is growing out of Belfast.

Declan J Barry

Declan J Barry

BSc, MSc, CIM, IoD, MIEx
Declan has been developing and successfully executing strategy in the Economic Development sector for more than 15 years, working with global industries such as Aerospace, Financial Services, Pharma and Shared Services, promoting more than 10,000 jobs over the last decade. Since founding ExportExplore in 2018, he has worked with more than 150 companies operating across the Atlantic Ocean and introducing sales of over $25mUSD in that short period.

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